Free Guy

A bank teller called Guy realizes he is a background character in an open world video game called Free City that will soon go offline.

Dauer: 115m
Veröffentlicht : 2021
IMDB: 7.5

Prisoners of the Ghostland

In the treacherous frontier city of Samurai Town, a ruthless bank robber is sprung from jail by wealthy warlord The Governor, whose adopted granddaughter Bernice has gone missing. The Governor offers...

Kategorie: Action, Horror, Thriller
Dauer: 103m
Veröffentlicht : 2021
IMDB: 4.4

My Son

When a man's only son goes missing, he travels to the town where his ex-wife lives in search of answers. To play a man whose life is clouded by mystery, McAvoy will not be given a script of dialogue.

Kategorie: Thriller
Dauer: 95m
Veröffentlicht : 2021
IMDB: 6.0

What If...?

Taking inspiration from the comic books of the same name, each episode explores a pivotal moment from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and turns it on its head, leading the audience into uncharted...

Dauer: 30m
Veröffentlicht : 2021
IMDB: 7.6


Alex, a boy obsessed with scary stories, is trapped by a witch in her modern, magical New York City apartment. His original hair-raising tales are the only thing keeping him safe as he desperately...

Kategorie: Family, Horror, Fantasy
Dauer: 100m
Veröffentlicht : 2021
IMDB: 5.8


Bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar abandoned his throne and retired to Los Angeles, where he has teamed up with LAPD detective Chloe Decker to take down criminals. But the...

Kategorie: Crime, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Dauer: 45m
Veröffentlicht : 2016
IMDB: 8.1

Money Heist

To carry out the biggest heist in history, a mysterious man called The Professor recruits a band of eight robbers who have a single characteristic: none of them has anything to lose. Five months of...

Kategorie: Crime, Drama
Dauer: 70m
Veröffentlicht : 2017
IMDB: 8.3

Don't Breathe 2

The Blind Man has been hiding out for several years in an isolated cabin and has taken in and raised a young girl orphaned from a devastating house fire. Their quiet life together is shattered when a...

Kategorie: Thriller, Horror
Dauer: 98m
Veröffentlicht : 2021
IMDB: 6.1


Cinderella, an orphaned girl with an evil stepmother, has big dreams and with the help of her Fabulous Godmother, she perseveres to make them come true.

Kategorie: Romance, Music, Comedy, Fantasy
Dauer: 113m
Veröffentlicht : 2021
IMDB: 4.2

Vacation Friends

When a straight-laced couple that has fun with a rowdy couple on vacation in Mexico return to the States, they discover that the crazy couple they met in Mexico followed them back home and decide to...

Kategorie: Comedy
Dauer: 103m
Veröffentlicht : 2021
IMDB: 6.3
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